The account manager was very responsive. The project manager was thorough and pleasant  to work with and made the client feel comfortable by explaining what was happening.  The field staff was excellent.  Everything worked out well.  The owner made some changes that could have prolonged the job but Library Relocations Services stayed right on schedule.  I liked the preparations the movers made to protect the space and the manner in which they cleaned up each night. I felt this was an excellent move project.

Project Consultant,
MCN Build / Martin Luther King, Jr. Library

Office Movers, Inc. moved the Prince Frederick Library a few years ago and we were very happy with their Library Relocation Services Team; and, therefore, I did not request any bids for this move. My colleague and I were on-site during the move and were pleased with the results.

Calvert Library

Library Relocation Services

Just walk the aisles of The Library of Congress, The University of Maryland's Health Sciences Library or The Library of Virginia, and you'll see that our library moving experience speaks volumes. For over 40 years Library Relocation Services has set the standard for moving libraries on time, on budget, and with the highest degree of accuracy. Our project team has successfully managed thousands of library relocations across the country, so contact the specialists when you're ready to check out of your current location and into a new one.

Quality Partnership

  • Over 40 Years Experience
  • Overwhelming Client Satisfaction
  • Kane Company is ISO 9001 Certified
  • Full-Time Trained, Experienced Staff
  • Asset-Based
  • Wide Range of Tech Services


Consultative Services

  • Knowledgeable, Experienced Management Team
  • Budget Preparation at No Charge
  • Software Solutions
  • Assistance with Shelving Design, Layout and Purchase
  • Create Detailed Inventory of Archived Material


Special Collections

  • Rare Book Preparation and Relocation
  • Off-Site Secure, Climate-Controlled Vault
  • Security Containers for High Value Items
  • Interfiling Planning and Execution


  • Management & Stewardship of Off-Site Collection
  • Extensive Building Protection Materials
  • Ability to Provide Additional Personnel and Equipment Whenever Needed
  • Document and Forms Storage and Distribution
  • Computerized Inventory Management and Active File Management


Server Room Relocations Services


  • De-rack, protect re-rack and mapping services
  • Local or long distance
  • Life Cycle Management of LCM of IT assets
  • Receiving and recording serial numbers
  • Creation of a Warehouse Management Inventory or WIR
  • Merging of assets - CPUS with prearranged monitors and peripherals
  • Imaging services of the Hard Drives
  • Deployment of new assets to the desk top and removal of those assets along with and Existing Equipment Inventory Report or EEIR  and end of life services for those assets being replaced or up graded
Library Relocation Services